Welcome to Reath Rock
Since 1936…

Henry Thompson bought a house at the corner of Rock End Road and Maple Lane in Northeast Harbor in 1896. Every summer the Thompson family took a train from Wilmington to Belfast, then the steamer John Wanamaker to Mount Desert Island. In 1920 Henry’s daughter, Mary, and her husband, Thomas, moved into “Cove Cottage” on Gilpatrick’s Cove.

“Mimi and Pop” brought up their three boys at “Cove Cottage” in the summers during the 1920s and 30s. In 1933 they bought a piece of land on Somes Sound for picnics and swimming. Hoddy Bucklin built a cabin on the site in 1937, including a large stone fireplace built with granite from Hall Quarry, across the sound.

The Reaths used the cabin and swimming rocks for family gatherings, usually over chicken, rice, peas and tomato aspic—especially on Sunday nights. Thomas always took the temperature of the water on a thermometer before they swam. In 1972, Thomas’s son Henry—and his wife, Nell—built the Big House directly above the swimming rocks. Henry built much of the house and furniture in it himself, then added the winterized Little House in 1976. Henry’s five children now share ownership of the houses, continuing a tradition that began more than seventy years ago.


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